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Simply Wellness - Staff/Faculty


To improve the overall health and lifestyle of the Roger Williams University's employees. Connecting to change, creating a culture.


The guiding vision of the RWU Simply Wellness program is to interact with faculty and staff in a way that strengthens the mind, body and soul to encourage a healthy lifestyle.

By actively engaging university employees in a variety of fitness and wellness programs, we strive to improve overall well-being, increase productivity in the workplace and minimize instances of preventable illnesses.

Through continued awareness, educational initiatives, and targeted wellness programs, we are changing the mindset of our culture and cultivating a workforce that appreciates living a healthy life.

For more information on Simply Wellness contact Barry Gorman at

New Information

Blue Cross has completed the updates to the new Wellness Works website for the 2015-2016 year and it is now up and running. The new forms are available for you to download and bring to your doctor. On this website you will now be able to upload all individual forms from physicians, dentists, etc. If you already had a doctor’s appointment and had them complete one of the old forms, they will also be accepted on this new website. Here is the link:

In addition, Simply Wellness will be implementing a new point structure for this year’s program. The chart below illustrates the new point structure:

150 Points – 1st Prize Level
300 Points – 2nd Prize Level
500 Points – 3rd Prize Level
600 Points – Entered in the $500 cash raffle