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Group Exercise Class Descriptions

Spinning: This high intensity cycling class is sure to bring your workout and body to a new level of fitness. Like nothing, you have done before the challenges in this workout vary from seated to standing, climbing to sprinting all choreographed to give you the ride of your life. Beware, this workout can be addicting!

Yoga: Based on the principles of the study of “YOGAFIT “ we have brought to you a noncompetitive, athletic style yoga using poses generated by HATHA yoga while still allowing you to gain flexibility and muscle tone. You will find yourself aligning, lengthening and strengthening your body and mind to help you gain focus in your studies or in life.

Tone & Sculpt: Want to see more results and definition in your muscles? This class is sure to chisel your muscles, free you from that wiggle and jiggle. With the use of resistance bands, dumbbells, and some power sculpting moves, you are sure to leave feeling the burn!

Butts & Gutts: So you want to work on your butt and abs. Then you can’t miss this class. Packed with exercises to sculpt and tone those troublesome areas we all wish looked better. Incase you can’t find a spot on the floor cause this is so popular, we have added a second one to the schedule. Don’t miss one of the hottest, most popular classes in the rec. center!

Pilates: An exercise system that is focused on building strength without bulk, improving flexibility and agility, and helping to prevent injury. It was developed in the 1920s by Joseph H. Pilates, who was a physical trainer and founder of The New York Pilates Studio®. It involves a series of controlled movements that engage both your body and mind. The primary focus is on awareness of the spine, proper breathing, core strength and flexibility. The outcome of Pilates training is a balanced body which is strong and supple, flat stomach, balanced legs, and a strong back.

ZUMBA: a fusion of hypnotic musical rhythms and tantalizing moves to create a dynamic workout system designed to be fun and EASY TO DO.
Zumba routines feature interval-training sessions where fast and slow rhythms and resistance training are combined to tone and sculpt your body while burning fat. Zumba has become nothing short of a revolution.