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  • Off-Campus Housing

Off-Campus Housing

As a service to our students, faculty and staff, Roger Williams University has established a relationship with JumpOffCampus whereby interested landlords may post local available apartment listings.  Students  - the JumpOffCampus website may be accessed here:  Landlords - the JumpOffCampus website may be access here:

Important Notices & Disclaimers Regarding Off-Campus Housing & Rentals:

  • The listings available on the JumpOffCampus website are offered as a courtesy to aid RWU community members in their search for off campus living arrangements. It is comprised of properties whose landlords have taken the initiative to list information with JumpOffCampus.  RWU makes no endorsement and undertakes no inspections of, and assumes no responsibility for, the listed rental properties or landlord.  In addition, RWU makes no promises, representations or guarantees concerning the condition of the listed premises.  RWU is not a party to any contractual or other legal relationship regarding housing arrangements made between students/faculty/staff and individual landlords and is not responsible for any lease or its terms that are negotiated with any landlord.  No information provided here or on the JumpOffCampus website creates a legal relationship between RWU and any third-party regarding such facilities.  Renters are encouraged to only reside in housing that is compliant with local and state housing codes.
  • Student off-campus renters are reminded of RWU’s “Good Neighbor Policy” and should familiarize themselves with its terms.  The Policy is available here:
  • Freshmen and sophomore students are required to reside on campus. It is RWU policy that any student wishing to live off campus must have permission from the Dean of Students. Graduate students, married students, and local students living with their parents (commuters) are exempted from this permission requirement.