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  • Meet the H.A.W.Es

Donna Lynn Darmody M.S., C.W.P.
Director of Health Education/
Alcohol And Other Drug Abuse
Prevention Coordinator
T. 401 254-3413
F. 401 254-3305


Hi, my name’s Jake Weeks and I’m a junior and a second year HAWE; double majoring in Global Communications and Classics. I applied to be a HAWE because I wanted to help make campus a safe place where people feel comfortable about their health. My main areas of interest are sleep and stress.


I am Cheylsea Federle and I’m from New Milford, CT. I am a senior with a major in Psychology and minor in American Studies and Gender & Sexuality Studies. I live in Bayside. The health issue I am most interested in is human sexuality. I became a HAWE because I want to promote healthy living for students, especially within the field of human sexuality and drug and alcohol use. I am involved with SAFE and Sustained Dialogue.


I am Denisha Vega-Poirier and I’m from North Providence, Rhode Island. I am a sophomore with a major in Forensic Psychology and minor in Criminal Justice. My goal is to be a forensic psychologist working for the FBI. I will be living in Willow this year. The health issues I am most interested in are stress and safe sex. I became a HAWE because my goal in life is to create a positive impact on people. I am involved in SAFE, MSU, film club, and CEN.


I am Kelsey Cintorino and I’m from Nashua, New Hampshire. I am a junior with a major in Electrical Engineering and a minor in Mathematics. I live in Bayside. I am most interested in physical well-being and health of myself and others. I am also passionate about educating the student body about safe sex and safe alcohol use. I am a member of the Society of Women Engineers, Engineering without Borders, an active member of the outing club, and help Bon Appétit with small nutrition projects monthly.


I am Hayley Brooke Ziolko and I’m from Windham, CT. I am a sophomore and a Psychology major. I am living at Baypoint. I want to be an Addiction/Grief Counselor. The health issues that I am most interested in are addiction, anxiety, and AIDS/HIV. I became a HAWE because I want to encourage others to be healthy and make smart decisions.


I am Kyle Laughlin and I am from Bedford, Massachusetts. I am a junior Finance major and Psychology minor. I live in Stonewall 3. I hope to someday have a job in finance that I would enjoy. I became a HAWE because I have had a lot of health related issues in my life and I understand how frightening it can be for some people. The health issues I am most interested in are fitness and nutrition. I am involved in Delta Sigma Pi Business Fraternity, IRHA, Stonewall Hall Council, and the Outing club.


I am Taylor Anderson and I’m a sophomore psychology major with a double minor in German and Gender and sexuality studies. I am from Baltic, Connecticut. Currently I live in Almedia. The biggest health topics I am interested in are asexual health and alcohol and other drugs. I became a HAWE so that I can spread my knowledge and passion for these subjects. I am also on executive board Multicultural Student Union and highly involved in S.A.F.E.


I am Bronwen Kalmes and I am a Junior at Roger Williams. I am double majoring in Global Communications and Italian. Being active is what made me want to become a HAWE.. I also became very interested in practicing safe sex and talking about safe sex while being a HAWE. We are able to make it fun and comfortable to talk about in our workshops and our office. We are a diverse group of students, and all have our own interests, and bring something different to the HAWE program.


I am Tyler Kaiser and I’m from Parsippany, NJ. I am a Senior with a major in Psychology and minor in Spanish and Biology. I will be living off campus in Bristol. I hope to become a child psychologist or developmental psychopathology researcher. I most interested in fitness and nutrition. I became a HAWE to help educate our student population about moderation and keeping your body healthy. I am the Executive Director of Hawks for St. Jude, the Psi Chi Executive Board, an Alpha Chi member, and a Research Assistant.


I’m Rebecca Rokicki and I am a senior this year. My major is Construction Management. I wanted to become a HAWE because I wanted to join a group of students that take an active role on campus by helping others reach their positive goals. I also wanted to gain more knowledge and insight about other health related topics. The health issues I am most interested in are nutrition, sleep, and drug abuse prevention.


My name is Ashley Barton and I am from Falmouth, Massachusetts. I am a senior with a legal studies and creative writing double major. I currently live in Almedia. In regards to health issues, I am passionate about nutrition. I became a HAWE to increase my knowledge of nutrition as well as learn more about general wellness. I am also involved in several clubs and organizations. I am president of MyTurn, co-president of Student Philanthropy Executive Council (SPEC), secretary of Phi Alpha Delta, and a member of Alpha Chi. I am also a community service assistant at the Feinstein Center and a member of the PEN Collaborative.


My name is Alyssa Kelly and I'm a senior studying Legal Studies and Psychology. I'm from Tewksbury, MA and living off campus this year at RWU. I hope to become a lawyer in the juvenile court system. I am most interested in general well-being and the importance of staying healthy in college.