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In the case of a sexual assault on campus, the University simultaneously attempts to respect the individual's privacy, as well as the community's need to protect themselves from potential danger.  With all sexual assaults, the survivor will be informed of the counseling, health, legal options and resources. 

The protocol in notifying the RWU community depends upon the perceived risk to the community.  If the public safety can be improved by the notification to the community, then it will done.

Perpetrated by a "Stranger" and/or if a Date Rape Drug Had Been Used

In the case of a sexual assault or rape perpetrated by a stranger, the potential danger to the community needs to be considered.  When the victim reports the sexual assault to any official of the University, the victim needs to know that:

  • The victim's identity will remain confidential.
  • The Vice President of Student Affairs and the director of Public Safety will be notified that the rape has occurred.
  • The V.P. of Student Affairs, the Dean of Students and the directors of Counseling, Health, Judicial Affairs, Public Safety and Residence Life will meet to discuss and to initiate specific safeguards (e.g., additional patrols at certain times and locations, making sure that residence hall entrances are secured, etc.).
  • A statement to the RWU community will be issued notifying them that a sexual assault has occurred and to take special precautions (e.g., the use of the escort service or to walk in groups).  The rationale to this response is to respect the individual's request for privacy, as well as the community's need to know about potential safety problems.

Date/Acquaintance Rape 

In the case of an acquaintance rape, the protocol is much different.  When the victim reports the rape to any official of the University, the victim's identity will remain confidential.  However, the victim needs to be aware that the official must notify the director of Public Safety and let them know that the sexual assault has occurred for statistical purposes (which is a federal requirement known as the Clery Act). 

If the victim does not wish to press charges with the local police, she can still report it to the RWU Judicial Office.  All services of the University will be available to the victim (e.g., counseling and health services) independent of her decision to report it. 

Where to Get Help if You are Accused of Unwanted Sexual Activity

Being accused of sexual assault is a frightening, confusing and lonely experience.  You may need emotional and legal assistance to cope with the feelings and the judicial procedures associated with the charges.  Two possible resources for you on campus include:

RWU Center for Counseling and Student Development
(401) 254-3124

RWU Office of Student Conduct and Community Standards
(401) 254-3042