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The following are currently planned by the Center for Counseling and Student Development for students during the Fall Semester 2014. Visit the Center or contact us at 401-254-3124 if you are interested in joining a group.

Anxiety and Stress Reduction

Wednesdays 2:00PM-3:00PM

Open to all students who would like to learn more about their emotions and thoughts in relation to anxiety. Intended to help students safely explore anxiety and to develop strategies for managing it.

Facilitators: Zachery Delcambre, M.A. and Kineret Kandelker, M.A.

Dealing with Loss

Mondays 3:00PM-4:00PM

Open to students who have lost a family member or close friend. Intended to help students gain a better understanding of the grieving process, learn to express their needs, and gain support from others.

Facilitators: Jim Azar, Ph.D. and Andrew Dole, Psy.D.

Embrace Yourself

Mondays 3:00PM-4:30PM

Open to all students who would like to improve their relationships with themselves and others. Intended to help students enhance awareness of self and others and develop confidence in their ability to express themselves.

Facilitator: Kineret Kandelker, M.A. and Michele Zager, M.A.

Fitness Fridays

Fridays 3:30PM-4:30PM in front of Cedar Residence Hall

Open to all students. Just bring your running shoes. Features an athletic activity chosen by members of the group for exercise in a relaxed, fun, and social atmosphere.

Facilitator: Andrew Dole, Psy.D.

Quiet Minds: Yoga/Meditation

Mondays 12:10PM-1:00PM Conference Room, 2nd Floor, Recreation Center

Open to all students. Intended to help students manage stress through the incorporation of yoga, meditation, imagery, deep breathing, and relaxation activities.

Facilitator: Jim Azar, Ph.D.

Student Success Series [Merit Point Programs]

Open to all students. Attend as many as you want. No appointment is neccessary---just show up! 

Long Distance Relationships, Thursday, September 11, 4PM-5PM in CAS 120

Dealing With Loss, Thursday, September 18, 4PM-5PM in CAS 120      

Sleep, Thursday, September 25, 4PM-5PM in CAS 120 

Roommate Relationships, Thursday, October 2, 4PM-5PM in CAS 120  

Happiness, Thursday, October 9, 4PM-5PM in CAS 120    

Breaking Up Is Hard To Do, Thursday, October 16, 4PM-5PM in CAS 120               

How To Be A Healthy Non-Drinker On Campus, Monday, October 20, 4PM-5PM in CAS 121          

Supporting A Friend Who Is Coming Out, Thursday, October 23, 4PM-5PM in CAS 120  

Stress Relief, Monday, October 27, 4PM-5PM in CAS 121          

A Healthier Way Of Relating To Yourself, Tuesday, November 4, 1PM-2PM in Library-Mary Tefft White Center

Quiet Please: Caring For Your Introverted Self, Tuesday, November 11, 4PM-5PM in GHH 206