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What is a Low Ropes course?

A low ropes course is an outdoor experience; members who participate in the course will traverse different “elements”, or activities that may include ropes, balance beams and tight wires. Traditionally, courses are set up in a wooded area in order to utilize the natural surroundings to create the course. Groups will work together in order to solve scenarios involving the elements, as prescribed to them by their course facilitator.

Roger Williams University Ropes Course

Built in 2009 and designed by High 5 Adventure Learning Center, our course is located on the north end of campus. Student Programs & Leadership organizes and hosts leadership development training on our low-ropes course for students, faculty and staff. Each year our RWU facilitators go through training designed by High 5 Adventure in order to better improve the experience on our ropes course

The Experience

When we bring participants to the RWU low ropes course we want them to be fully immersed in the experiential education experience. We find that the ropes course experience provides an opportunity to practice leadership skills in “live” situations. We provide individuals with the opportunity to engage in activities and then reflect upon his/her experience. Participants are faced with challenges, without any specific directions as how to go about determining a solution. Participating on the RWU ropes course emphasizes the opportunity for a better understanding of oneself and his/her place within a team dynamic.