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Mission Statement

The mission of the Department of Student Programs and Leadership is to engage students in meaningful out of classroom experiences that foster student learning through social, intellectual, spiritual, cultural and interpersonal development.  These experiences are designed to support the mission of the University and to promote civility, responsibility, character and leadership development, and community involvement.

Student Programs and Leadership Student Staff Positions:

The following positions require students to do a variety of functions in and around our office.  This might include clerical duties, assisting campus-wide events and special projects.  Maximum of ten hours a week: 

Positions Include:

  • Office Assistants
  • Design Center Staff
  • Yearbook Staff
  • Program Assistants

Hawks Nest Attendants work for the Department of Student Programs and Leadership in the Hawks Nest to manage the gaming area.

The Operations Staff is responsible for implementing the programs and events put on by our student organizations, clubs and departments.  The Stage Crew is responsible for the physical set-up operations, security and break down of all events.  Interested Stage Crew members are eligible to join the more specialized Tech Crew which is responsible for the sound and lighting setups at events.

The Concierge staff provides services necessary to produce events such as making popcorn, selling and collecting tickets and assisting performers before shows.

Interested students should contact Student Programs and Leadership at (401) 254-3088 or email