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The Hawks' Herald is the student newspaper of Roger Williams University. It is published weekly during the academic year, and is also available online at Student positions are varied and include reporting and writing stories, selling and designing advertisements, and more. Students from all majors are invited and encouraged to work for The Hawks' Herald.

The Hawks' Herald office is located in the Campus Recreation Center Suite 202. 

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Allison Rochford 

Managing Editor
Andrew Grassey 

News Editor
RJ Scofield 

News Section Manager

Features Editor
Eileen Korney 

Features Section Manager
Shana Sims

Opinions Editor
Kate Murphy 

Opinions Section Manager

Sports Editor
Andrew Grassey

Sports Section Manager
Conor Casey

Photo Editor
Rachel Diep

Copy Editor 
Alison Rochford 

Entertainment Editor 
Rebecca Abitz 

Communications Manager 
Jamie Warner 

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