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Why should freshmen sign up for a mentor through the Diversity Leadership program?

Deanna, 15'


"Freshman should join this program because it is a great way to get connected with other students on campus. It also acts as a great support system for students because freshmen can become well connected on campus to clubs and orgs that they find interesting. Freshmen can also join to get to know students different from themselves or those who are just interested in Social Justice in general. Students who do not necessarily feel underrepresented on campus, but see themselves as potential allies on campus should also consider joining to program."


Ian, 15'


"First year students should join the program because it allows for students to experience a large support group (mentors/student supporters and staff, as well as other mentees), diverse group of friends, and experience learning through small interactions. Students involved in the program find a sense of belonging, not only within the group but with others on campus. This program offers many different fulfilling experiences that can shape a great first year at Roger Williams University. Plus, you end the year with a great relationship with your mentor!"

Jasmin, 17'

"Freshman should join the program because the Diversity Leadership Program is more that just mentoring. It is a family and another support system that you have available to you on campus. Having the support of the DL makes the transition into college easier because you have mentors that can relate to you on a personal level. The mentors all know what it’s like to feel isolated and struggle with finding your place on campus. The mentor groups are smaller so you are able to get to know not only your mentor but the other DL’s and mentees as well."

Julie, 17'

Julie"Freshman should join the program because this there is no such thing as too many allies.  There is absolutely no downside to having a diversity leader as your mentor because we will try our best to help you with any issue you have, academic or social.  We are here as a support system and have many ways to make sure that you have the best transition and also the best year possible.  As an added benefit, the more people who join the program, the bigger it will become and that will help promote diversity and social justice on campus."


Mariela, 17'

"Freshman should definitely join this program if they are open-minded and want to be a part of something great on this campus. If you are interested in meeting other students from different backgrounds and have a great time, this program is the right match for you."



Stephanie, 17'

Stephanie"The freshman should join the Diversity Leadership program because we are a very tight community and we truly care about the issues one faces on campus and the importance of inclusivity and acceptance for everyone."



Teddy, 17'

Teddy"Freshmen should join our program if they come from a diverse background, if they want to be a part of a more diverse community, and especially if you want to be involved on campus."