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  • Diversity Leadership Program

What is the Diversity Leadership Program?

The Diversity Leadership Program is a mentoring program for students of color, first generation college students, students who identify as LGBTQ and other underrepresented first year students (freshman or transfer) at RWU. The program is committed to fostering an inclusive learning community that emphasizes the connection and support that can positively impact underrepresented students’ success in college. The Diversity Leadership Program will focus on strengthening the diversity community at RWU through mentorship, relationship-building, ally development and extensive leadership development.

Diversity Leaders are among the first to welcome underrepresented students who self-select to be a mentee in the Diversity Leadership Program (those who do not self-select into the program will be assigned a student advocate, similar to all freshman). Before they join the larger student body, students will have a chance to form relationships with student leaders who have successfully navigated their first year (or more) at RWU. For many students, especially those from more diverse communities, this may be the first time that they are in a setting where they are the “minority”. It is our hope that this program will help to cultivate a sense of community very early on for underrepresented first year students.

Diversity Leaders are trained in:

  • how to be diversity allies on campus and beyond
  • providing leadership and mentorship to first-year students from underrepresented groups
  • serving as resources to the larger RWU community as it relates to diversity and social justice
  • problem solving, interpersonal communication skills and goal-setting
  • addressing common crises that students face in this age group and how/where to make referrals on campus


Why should I be part of the Diversity Leadership Program?

All incoming freshman and first-year transfer students are automatically paired with a student advocate. Students who elect to have a Diversity Leader student advocate will:

  • receive one-on-one mentoring to help you have a smooth transition to RWU from an experienced student leader who is passionate about social justice
  • move in early for Diversity pre-orientation and beat the crowds of new students moving in!
  • have many opportunities to explore and celebrate all facets of your identity that are important to you: race, gender, sexual orientation, nationality, religion, class, etc.
  • particpate in leadership development around issues of diversity and social justice
  • attend social events and outings with the Diversity Leadership program family
  • connect with other students who are from diverse backgrounds
  • have an extensive support network of peers, mentors and adults to make your transition from home to college as successful as possible

What is the Diversity Pre-orientation?

Being part of the Diversity Leadership Program means that you get to beat the crowds of new students and move in a day early for our Diversity pre-orientation. At Diversity pre-orientation, you will spend the afternoon not only meeting your mentor, but you will also get connected with a community of peers who share similar backgrounds, interests and passions as you. Diversity pre-orientation is on Thursday, August 21, 2014. Move-in is from 9:30-11:30am on the 21st. You will pick up your keys in the Center for Academic Development, ground floor.

Your first pre-orientation activity will start at 4:00pm on Thursday, August 21 with an early dinner for you and your Diversity Leader mentors.

*Note: If you cannot move in early and attend pre-orientation, you can still be part of the Diversity Leadership Program. The Diversity Leader mentors will host a program soon after the semester begins to connect you with the DL community. If you cannot attend the pre-orientation, please email the Associate Director of the Intercultural Center, Candice De Los Reyes at, after registering for the program.

 Are you interested in being mentored by a Diversity Leader? Please click here to register or contact Candice De Los Reyes for more information at or (401) 254-3894. You can also visit the Diversity Leadership Program on Facebook.