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  • Mentoring

All students deserve to get the most out of their education. At Roger Williams University, we believe that mentoring plays a huge part in achieving that goal. Here are a few of our most established mentoring programs:

Bridge to Success

RWU has been an official partner in mentorship since 1993, when a grant from the Balfour Foundation helped the University found the Bridge to Success (BTS) program. The BTS program partners with select Newport and Providence high schools and service organizations to promote the development of academic, social and emotional support systems for high school students in under-resourced communities. For nearly two decades, BTS has provided academic tutoring, student-to-student mentoring, intensive college prep and parental outreach to hundreds of high school students throughout Rhode Island with the goal of providing these students with the with the tools, skills and knowledge needed to achieve academic success toward admission into the four-year college/university of their choice. 

Student Advocates

Mentoring plays a huge role on our campus as well. In fact, since 2006 every single freshman who has walked on our campus has been assigned a student advocate to act as a peer mentor. These mentors are older and more experienced students who pass on their knowledge and skills to first year students. The mentors help new students to navigate through the semester -- from help finding classrooms and tips about getting involved on campus to being confidants and an older, wiser friend on campus. This program has become a critical component to the success of the incoming class.

Architecture Mentoring Programs

Freshmen who are enrolled in the Architecture major receive additional mentoriship through the School of Architecture, Art and Historic Preservation. Founded on the idea that mentorship is a key component of collegiality and success, the RWU chapter of the American Institute of Architecture Students facilitates a mentor program to address the needs of the freshman class. The program connects each freshman Architecture student to students of all different grade levels. The mentors are primarily a friend and resource in the School. Secondly, the mentors aid the students with technical skills and advice on their projects. Thirdly, the mentors act as a resource advising students on their educational experience as they learn how to navigate through the Architecture major. Studies show that students who foster a good relationships with their mentors have a much higher success rate.

The School of Architecture, Art and Historic Preservation also maintains a special mentorship program for student-athletes in SAAHP majors. The Mentor Program focuses on supporting first-year student-athletes to make a successful transition from high school to the university. The athletes meet periodically with the Faculty Mentor and other peer student-athlete upperclassmen to discuss academic, social, athletic, and personal pressures.

Of course, your education doesn't end with your diploma. RWU also offers career mentors through the Career Center who can help you navigate the transition from college student to working professional.