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  • Affordability

A college education is a personal investment in your future. At RWU, we want to make sure you see a solid return on your investment, and we're here to help you along the way. Let's go over a few things you should know up front:

Roger Williams University is GUARANTEEING the price of tuition at the rate of $31,152 ($35,112 Architecture) for all four years for the incoming class of 2017, provided that you remain continuously enrolled full-time, as an undergraduate day student. Many of our competitor schools raise their tuition between 2%-5% each year. So, at the end of your four years, that’s a cost savings of up to $15,000!

Full details are available on the Bursar's page.
Financial Aid Information:

At RWU, we are redefining our admission strategies to provide access to a broader range of students. Our more holistic approach to making admission decisions considers the whole student, not just their test scores, and allows a greater number of students access to our educational model.

Financial Aid Quick Facts:

  • RWU has increased its institutional financial aid budget by 50% over the last five years
  • Percentage of new students receiving financial aid: 95%
  • Average new student financial aid package: $20,035
  • Average new institutional grant: $12,963

Financial Aid Deadlines:
RWU requires both the FAFSA (Federal & State Aid) and the CSS Profile (Institutional Aid).
CSS Profile is due January 1
FAFSA is due February 1

Types of Aid Available:

Merit Scholarships

As part of our comprehensive financial aid packaging, Roger Williams University offers institutionally supported merit scholarships, ranging from $4,000 to the cost of full tuition per year. All students—domestic, international and transfer—are considered for merit-based scholarships, with no separate application required.

RWU offers several other scholarships that require applications and specific qualifications. For more information on any of our scholarship options, visit the Office of Financial Aid.