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  • Study Abroad : Semester & Academic Year Programs

Semester & Academic Year Programs

Our study abroad programs are either run directly by Roger Williams University , by our partner schools overseas or through affiliated program providers. 

RWU has developed formal affiliations with a carefully selected list of quality program providers that are recognized nationally for their proven academic integrity, strong focus on experiential learning and excellent reputation for providing quality support services to students abroad. In order to make the study abroad process as seamless as possible, RWU students who participate on these affiliated programs will, in most cases, continue to pay their tuition, fees, room and board directly to RWU. This arrangement allows RWU students to remain eligible to receive federal and state financial aid, as well as institutional aid.

RWU students have a choice between different styles of programs. Each type of program will give students specific academic and living experience, depending onw hat the students is interested in pursuing.

RWU Flagship Study Abroad Programs are our own semester long programs that offer RWU courses overseas. These programs are located in Florence, Italy and London, England.

The RWU in Florence offers an exceptional academic experience in one of the world's most culturally rich cities. Students can take courses in architecture, art history, visual arts, political science, history, cultural studies and Italian language.

The London Theatre Program allows students to experience life in a vibrant and truly cosmopolitan city, while being part of intimate cohort of studnets.  Truly the best of both worlds. While traditionally organized for Theatre students, the program now accomodates students stuyding Dance, English Literature, Creative Writing, Graphic Design as well as Elementary and Secondary Education.   

Affiliated university-based programs provide a well-structured opportunity for students to expand their knowledge of the host culture and to develop a well-grounded perceptual understanding of their new environment. Academic credit is primarily acquired through classroom instruction, although certain courses (e.g., art, history, civilization) will complement classroom instruction with field trips and cultural excursions.

Language and culture-based programs are designed to encourage and motivate students to immerse themselves as much as possible into the local culture. Although classroom lectures are an important dimension of these programs, a major focus is placed on experiential learning, i.e., the development of opportunities for students to have direct contact with the host culture, be it through a field research project, involvement with community service projects or student teaching.  Students who are particularly motivated to undertake the rigors of direct cultural immersion and who are accustomed to working independently might find field-based programs to be particularly rewarding.  

Discipline-specific programs allow natural science, business, engineering and othermajors to incorporate an international dimension into their studies.  RWU is aware that students outside the humanities and social sciences have traditionally had few options for study abroad, short of extending their studies an additional semester.  We have consequently identified a number of quality discipline-specific programs that will allow such students to study abroad, confident that they are continuing to make progress towards graduation. Careful planning well in advance of the semester abroad is important, so students from these disciplines are particularly encouraged to work closely with both the SCGIP and their faculty advisors to identify the program that is right for them.

For more detailed information on the many programs offered and the process required to apply you can visit the new online application system:

RWU Study Abroad Program Roster

Argentina Buenos Aires UTDT 2.8 See SCGIP No Exchange
  Mendoza Univ Nac de Cuyo 3.0 Homestay No IFSA-Butler Univ
Australia Brisbane  Griffith Univ 2.5 Dorm No IFSA-Butler Univ
  Cairns/Townsv. James Cook Univ 2.8 Dorm Yes Arcadia Univ
  Melbourne Deakin Univ 2.75 Dorm No RWU/Direct Enroll
  Wollongong Univ of Wollongong 3.0 Dorm Yes RWU/Direct Enroll
Austria Vienna Central College 2.75 Dorm No Central College
Bermuda St. Georges BIOS 2.6 Dorm Yes RWU/Direct Enroll
Bonaire Bonaire CIEE in Bonaire 2.75 Dorm Yes CIEE
Chile Santiago Pontif Univ de Chile 3.0 Homestay Yes IFSA-Butler Univ
  Valparaiso Pont Univ de Valpa. 2.8 Homestay Yes Arcadia Univ
China Shanghai East China Normal Univ 2.75 Home/Dorm No CIEE
  Nanjing Univ of Nanjing 2.75 Home/Dorm No CIEE
Costa Rica San Jose Universidad Veritas 2.9 Homestay Yes RWU/Direct Enroll
  Heredia Univ Nacional 3.0 Homestay No IFSA-Butler
  Monteverde Monte. Bio Station 2.75 Home/Dorm Yes CIEE
Czech Republic Prague CIEE in Prague 3.0 Home/Dorm No CIEE
Ecuador Galapagos Acad Inst for Arts & Sci/Univ San Fran de Quilto 3.0 Homestay Yes IPSL
England London(Fall) RWU in London 2.6 Dorm Yes RWU
  London Univ of Westminster 2.8 Dorm Yes RWU/Direct Enroll
  London Univ of London, Birkbeck 2.8 Dorm No IFSA-Butler Univ
France Paris CIEE in Paris 3.0 Homestay No CIEE
  Nancy ICN   Apart No Exchange
Greece Athens Arcadia in Athens 3. Apt No Arcadia Univ
India Hyderabad Univ of Hyderabad 3.0 Home/Apt Yes CIEE
Ireland Dublin University College, Dublin 3.0 Dorm No RWU/Direct Enroll
  Dublin Dublin City Univ 3.0 Dorm No CIEE
  Galway Nat Univ Ireland 3.0 Dorm No Arcadia Univ
  Limerick Univ of Limerick 2.9 Dorm No RWU/Direct Enroll
Italy Florence ISI-Palazzo Rucellai 2.75 Apt No RWU
  Perugia Umbra Institute 2.75 Home/Dorm/Apt No RWU
Japan Tokyo CIEE at Sophia U. 3.0 Home/Dorm No CIEE
Jordan Amman CIEE at Univ of Jordan 2.75 Home/Apt Yes


New Zealand Auckland Univ of Auckland 3.0 Dorm/Apt No Arcadia Univ
  Dunedin Univ of Otago 3.0 Dorm No Arcadia Univ
  Palmerston  Massey Univ 2.75 Dorm No Arcadia univ
Pacific/Caribbean S​ee Spiegel Ctr SEA Woods Hole 2.75 Dorm/Ship Yes SEA
Portugal Lisbon CIEE/Univ Nova de Lisboa 2.75 Home/Dorm No CIEE
Russia St. Petersburg CIEE in St. Petersburg 2.75 Hometay Yes CIEE
Scotland Edinburgh Univ of Edinburgh 3.0 Dorm/Apt No Arcadia Univ
  Stirling Univ of Stirling 3.0 Dorm No Arcadia Univ
Senegal Dakar Suffolk Univ/Dakar 2.75 Home Yes CIEE
South Africa CapeTown Univ of CapeTown 3.0 Apt No Arcadia Univ
Spain Barcelona RWU Architecture in Barcelona 2.75 Apt Style No RWU
  Barcelona Arcadia Univ Ctr 2.8 Apt No Arcadia Univ
  Granada Central Col/UNiv of Granada 2.6 Homestay Yes Central College
Thailand Chiang Mai Payap 2.5 Dorm Yes IPSL
Turkey Istanbul Istanbul Technical Univ 3.0 Dorm No Exchange
  Istanbul CIEE/Koc Univ 2.75 Dorm No CIEE