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  • Networking and Security (Cybersecurity)

Networking and Security (Cybersecurity)

The RWU program in Forensics, Networking and Security focuses on information technology skills directly related to TCP/IP networking, digital forensics and cyber-security to prepare students for careers in the technology and security industry.

Students in the Forensics, Networking and Security program will learn anti-hacking maneuvers, computer networking, digital forensics, computer programming, Cisco Systems, server administration and network administration. Hands-on study in the FANS lab (forensics and networking security) at RWU allows students to work with cutting-edge technology directly while small classes allow for more time with instructors and equipment.

Students are encouraged to collaborate with faculty members on research projects from the time they being the program. Some recent research projects include digital forensics analysis of CCE Demographics and analysis of hard drive wiping techniques with the checksum zero approach.