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  • Cybersecurity

In recent years, the cybersecurity realm has grown in response to the globalized threats that have emerged from intelligence gathering; anti-espionage; cyber warfare; and most importantly cyber-response and defense.

With the increased use of technology worldwide, the threat levels to both organizations and individuals are constantly on the rise. These threats require a multipart operation: 1) monitoring of threats; 2) immediate threat response; and 3) post threat response. In all three cases, the skill set includes computer programming, networking, assessment and analysis, development of solutions and forensics, with reporting skills that must combine technical knowledge, situational management and problem solving, often in high stress environments. 

RWU’s Master of Science in Cybersecurity was created by industry professionals in conjunction with our faculty members to meet this industry demand for trained specialists by providing the most comprehensive education possible.

Students gain the skills necessary to attain a position in cybersecurity immediately following completion of the program.