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Master of Arts in Literacy Education

The Roger Williams University Master of Arts in Literacy Education is a 31-credit program, leading to certification as a PK-12 Reading Specialist/Consultant in Rhode Island and in member states of the Interstate Certification Compact (ICC).

The 16-month program is part-time and graduate students take two courses in the fall, spring, and summer terms, and one course in the winter intersession. Students complete the program as a cohort, benefitting from a collegial atmosphere with the same group of students completing the entire program together. All learning experiences are guided by the National Standards for Reading Professionals as set forth by the International Reading Association.

The program includes nine courses, clustered into three Curriculum Levels, and arranged in a developmental sequence: Level I, Explorations; Level II, Investigations; and Level III, Professionalism. In Level I, Explorations, candidates develop a knowledge base and participate in field experiences in two introductory courses. In Level II, Investigations, candidates develop expertise in instructional and assessment skills that are critical to their roles as literacy professionals. In Level III, Professionalism, candidates build on the broad based knowledge they developed in the first two phases and prepare to assume and carry out leadership roles as literacy professionals.

Applying to the Master of Arts in Literacy Program

To be considered for admission to the Master of Arts in Literacy degree program, applicants must hold an earned Bachelor’s Degree from an accredited college or university and a current valid teacher’s license. To apply, submit the following:
  1. Official transcripts of all undergraduate and graduate coursework.
  2. Personal statement (two double-spaced pages maximum) explaining why you want to become a literacy specialist.
  3. Two letters of recommendation attesting to your potential to succeed in graduate school and to work with children.
  4. Current resume or CV.
  5. Copy of current teacher’s certificate or license.
  6. If your first language is not English, an official report of TOEFL or IELTS results.
  7. Completed application form accompanied by the $50 application fee.

The School of Education also requires a personal interview as part of the admissions process.

Requirements for the Master of Arts in Literacy Education

(All courses are THREE CREDITS unless otherwise indicated)

Curriculum Level 1: Explorations

EDU 610 Introduction to Literacy Research  
EDU 616 Research-Based Literacy Practices I: Writing Across the Curriculum, K-12  

Curriculum Level 2: Investigations

EDU 618 Literature for Children and Young Adults  
EDU 620 Research-Based Literacy Practices II: Reading Across the Curriculum, K-12  
EDU 622 Research Based Literacy Practices III: Preparing Strategic Readers, K-12  
EDU 634 Assessment of Reading and Writing Difficulties  
EDU 638 Clinical Experience in Literacy Education (6 credits)

Curriculum Level 3: Professionalism

EDU 650 Leadership for Literacy Professionals  
EDU 654 Advanced Literacy Research Seminar (4 credits)