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  • Dean Robert Cole

Dean's Message

Welcome to the School of Education.

Roger Williams University's School of Education prepares students for careers as classroom teachers and educational leaders. Our students gain a rich background in educational history, philosophy, cognitive and learning theory in addition to the practice of teaching.

As an education student, you will be taught by well-respected practioners who are experts in their fields. But your education doesn't stop in our classrooms. In fact, all of our education students complete fieldwork and student teaching in schools throughout the state and the region.

At the undergraduate level, our students take courses through the School of Education and the Feinstein College of Arts and Sciences, where they come together with a cadre of outstanding faculty to grapple with questions such as “What is good?” “What is real?” and “What is beautiful?” “What is knowable?” and perhaps most importantly, “Given what we understand, how should we act?”

One mark of a well educated person is the ability to bridge the past with the future. At Roger Williams University, long-standing courses of study share intellectual space with a growing movement toward interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary approaches. There is ample evidence that an innovative liberal arts education prepares students for the ever-evolving demands they will face in their years ahead.

It is not just what one knows but also can we share what we know. To that end, students in the School of Education develop skills in written and oral discourse that allow them to articulate their perspectives and participate as part of an engaged citizenry.

The learning environment at Roger Williams University fosters the ability to reason and think critically, it broadens students' perspectives on a global society and encourages them to advocate for cultural diversity. At the same time, the learning environment helps students prepare for future careers or move on to graduate studies.

Although the contemporary world might fill us with an ineffable sense of urgency, the School of Education offers a place to contemplate who we are and what we wish to become. All those willing to think, feel and act in new ways are appreciated here.

Robert A. Cole