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The Construction Management Minor

The Construction Management minor is a six-course program particularly appropriate for students whose major is architecture or business. The courses in the minor are designed to provide students with the skills and basic knowledge required to move into an entry-level professional construction industry position. Estimating, scheduling, and project management are some of the courses that make up the minor.

Required Three Courses:

CNST 130 Plans, Specifications and Building Codes  


ARCH 287 Introduction to Computer Applications in Design  


CNST 200 Construction Methods and Materials & Lab  


ARCH 231 Construction Methods and Assemblies I  


CNST 260 Construction Estimating and Scheduling  

Select three:

CNST 250 Construction Equipment  
CNST 302 Surveying & Lab  
CNST 321 Advanced Building Estimating  
CNST 450 Construction Planning and Scheduling  
CNST 445 Construction Project Management and Safety  
CNST 455 Mechanical and Electrical Design for Buildings