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    RWU's School of Continuing Studies has a long history of building partnerships with local, regional, national and governmental agencies. Depending on the partnership, courses may be offered on-site, online or on-campus leading to certificates, associate's or bachelor's degrees. If you're interested in forming a partnership with SCS at Roger Williams University,  please contact us at: or (401) 254-3530 or 1-800-458-7144.

    NeighborWorks America

    SCS has partnered with NeigborWorks America to create a dynamic program for professionals focused on community development. Choose from an array of program and course options. 

    Enjoy a tuition discount on Roger Williams University courses with the enrollment and completion of at least one NeighborWorks training course.

    Earn 3 semester hours of credit from Roger Williams University with the enrollment and completion of 7 days of NeighborWorks America training courses. Courses must have been taken within five calendar years of registration in the Roger Williams University School of Continuing Studies (SCS).

    Contact SCS to learn more: or (401) 254-3530 or 1-800-458-7144.

    SCS has partnered with Taco Residential and Commercial Hydronic Systems to create a program of study specifically for Taco employees. Courses are offered on-site at Taco and the first cohort is set to complete their courses in spring 2013. 

    Housing Network RI
    In partnership with Housing Network RI, SCS has developed a Certificate in Community Development.

    This professional certificate program is designed for practitioners in community development to upgrade their skills and enhance their professional expertise. The program focuses especially on the interactions of public policy, affordable housing advocacy, finance and government regulation. It is also designed to prepare students who may be interested in careers in housing and community development.

    United States Navy:

    RWU is proud to partner with the US Navy on several different levels.

    The Navy College Program Distance Learning Partnership (NCPDLP) is a program designed to assist every sailor in obtaining a college degree while in the Navy. As a partnership school in NCPDLP, Roger Williams University offers rating-related degree programs designed to meet the educational needs of sailors based on their military training and their educational goals.



    In partnership with the U.S. Navy, SCS also offers the Legalman Paralegal Education Program (LPEP) to prepare sailors on a course for a career in the legal field.

    Recently, SCS partnered with the International Yacht Restoration School (IYRS) to offer IYRS students a direct path to an Associate’s or Bachelor’s degree based on experiential learning.

    IYRS students who have completed the Marine Systems or Composite Technology programs will earn 15 credits at RWU. IYRS students who complete the two-year Boatbuilding & Restoration program will be granted 30 credits toward the Bachelor of General Studies or an Associate program at RWU. The credits will be applied toward elective requirements.

    IYRS students who enroll in the Bachelor of General Studies program will be encouraged to pursue the Technology Leadership and Management concentration. In order to apply the IYRS credits, students must apply and be accepted to the RWU. The application fee will be waived for IYRS graduates


    Since 1986, Roger Williams University has partnered with the Army National Guard. Since that time, our programs have extended to all service members and military organizations. The School of Continuing Studies at RWU has affiliations with military organizations and units in multiple states including Rhode Island, New Jersey, North Carolina and Mississippi National Guard, DANTES, SOC, SOCNAV, SOCAD, SOCCOAST, SOCGUARD and the Naval Education and Training Center. 

    SCS is committed to the educational goals, principles and philosophies of SOC and DANTES.  Roger Williams University was one of the founding partners in the Army National Guard and Coast Guard Institutes.

    Military Learning

    Blue Cross Blue Shield of Rhode Island

    All employees in BCBSRI are able to receive an immediate tuition discount, and waived application fee for enrolling into any of our SCS programs.