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John W. Stout

John W. Stout
Adjunct Professor
Contact Information
(401) 254-3325
Areas of Expertise: 
Public Administration and Community Development

John Stout is Professor Emeritus of Public Administration at RWU.  He was one of the founding members of RWU when it moved from a two-year college to a four-year college and eventually to a university, and he was one of the founding instructors when Roger Williams opened the Bristol Campus.  Over the years Prof. Stout has held five deanships — one as Dean of Social Sciences and four associated with continuing and adult education, and with RWU’s external degree programs.  His most recent deanship was the Dean of the School of Continuing Studies until his retirement in 2012.

During his career, Professor Stout served as chairman of two academic divisions and an academic department; executive director of the Faculty Senate; and Assistant to the President under two presidents.  He was the founder of the political science department at RWU, and was co-founder of the Public Administration program with Prof. Steve Esons.   The John W. Stout Award was created in his honor to recognize the outstanding student in the RWU Master of Public Administration program.

Professor Stout serves as a Senior Lecturer in the College of Professional Studies at Northeastern University where he has taught courses in political science for more than four decades.  At various times in his career, he has worked as a consultant to colleges and universities and to government programs in public management, urban affairs, and community development.  He began his career working for the original “War on Poverty” as an administrator and coordinator of a youth-work program in Boston.  At RWU, he served as a consultant for the Model Cities Program of RI, director of the Urban Observatory, manager of a community and social service program, and most recently as a member of the Steering Committee of the RWU Partnership for Community Development with the Housing Network of Rhode Island.

Professor Stout served as both the Director of the former RWU Institute for Public Policy as well as its co-chair.  Among the Institute’s projects were a training program for state and municipal employees; a project of organizational change for the Providence Fire Department designed to serve as a model for similar municipal departments nationally; various programs involving emergency preparedness and water management; a Public Administration Academy in a Rhode Island high school for students interested in public service careers; projects related to affordable housing and community development within the state and region; and management improvement programs for selected Rhode Island municipalities.

When Professor Stout was the coordinator of the Open Division (and later as Dean of the Open College), he was engaged in the development of a multi-disciplinary program of military education.  For over 25 years, he as the RWU coordinator for military programs and initiated institutional affiliations with a variety of military organizations and educational programs.  He was recognized with his receipt of the Commander’s Award for Public Service by the Adjutant General of the RI National Guard, and by two “Certificates of Appreciation" from the New Jersey Military Academy and New Jersey Army National Guard.

Most recently, Professor Stout served as an advisor for RWU’s College Unbound program, an experimental college program extension of the Met Schools and Big Picture secondary schools.

Professor Stout earned a Bachelor’s Degree in political science from Dickinson College.  He holds graduate degrees in political science from Northeastern University and public administration from Nova Southeastern University.  He also completed graduate study at Boston University.