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  • School Nurse Teaching

Certificate in School Nurse Teaching 

The courses in the courses in school nurse teaching provide knowledge and skills relevant to school teaching services. The courses also meet the requirements of Section I, E (Temporary Provisional Certificate) of the ‘Rhode Island Requirements for the School Nurse Teacher.’

The courses in school nurse teaching are designed for licensed, registered nurses who 1) are completing (or have already completed) a Bachelor’s degree; 2) have three years of professional nursing experience; and 3) need to complete the course work specified under Section I, E of the Rhode Island Requirements for the School Nurse Teacher. Students enrolled in these courses may matriculate into the Social and Health Services program if they wish to apply these courses toward the Bachelor of Science.

Admission requirements include previous college course work and/or relevant work experience, completion of an approved program for professional nursing, an admissions interview, a completed application form and paid application fee.

Required Courses:

EDU 200 Foundations of Education  
PSYCH 216 Educational Psychology  
S&HS 408 Counseling Theory and Skills  
S&HS 409 Methods and Procedures in School Nursing  
S&HS 410 Methods and Materials in Health Education  
S&HS 434 Principles of Program Design: Health Education  
S&HS 435 Organization and Administration of School Health Programs  
S&HS 436 Education of the Exceptional Child  

Note: Completion of a certificate program at Roger Williams University does not imply the completion or fulfillment of any state licensing or certification requirement, unless specifically noted.

A student may transfer a maximum of three credits toward an undergraduate certificate comprised of fifteen or fewer credits and a maximum of six credits toward a certificate of sixteen credits or more.

Note: about course availability and location: Not all courses required for graduation in some of the campus-based programs will be offered at each of Roger Williams University’s campuses or locations. In some cases, the degree selected will dictate which location and which method of delivery the student will elect (e.g., classroom courses, directed seminars, on line courses). Some programs offered through the School of Continuing Studies may require enrollment in day classes. (See advisors for details.)

Note: about other programs and course descriptions: Program requirements and course descriptions not found in the School of Continuing Studies section of the catalog can be located under listings in other appropriate sections.