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  • Portfolios

The School of Architecture, Art and Historic Preservation requires portfolios for incoming students as proof of their skill and ability for the Architecture and Visual Arts majors. Throughout their RWU career, students enrolled in these majors are encouraged to continue to add to their electronic portfolios, allowing potential employers to see the depth and breadth of their work even prior to graduation. Our faculty members also keep portfolios of their ever-changing work.

Architecture Graduate Students

Alexander Schweitzer, '15

Andres Daza, '15

Bradley Shapiro, '15

Colby Karambelas, '15

David Sanchez, '15

Ellen Hassett, '15

Eric Schall, '15

Jared McBath, '15

Matthew Eckel, '15

Michael Celauro, '15

Pawel Honc, '15

Peter Romains, '15

Samantha Amoroso, '15

Scott Schwartz, '15

Tyler Harriott, '15

Zachary Nelson, '15


Architecture Undergraduate Students

Art and Architectural History Students

Historic Preservation Students

Visual Art Studies Students