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William L. McQueen

William L. McQueen, AIA
Professor of Architecture
B.Arch. University of Illinois, Registered Architect, N.C.A.R.B. Certificate
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AR 213
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Bill McQueen was invited to join the architecture faculty in 1984 to develop the thesis studio program by the Architecture Program’s founding Dean, Raj Saksena. He has taught throughout the Architecture Program: Architectural Design Studios at the Core, Advanced & Graduate Levels, Construction Materials & Assemblies I and a seminar: Dutch architecture – the enduring 20th century legacy. He taught numerous architectural design studios & was a member of the Thesis Committee at the Boston Architectural Center: 1970-86. He has also been a guest critic and/or lecturer at MIT, Nova Scotia Technical College, Univ. of Illinois-Versailles Program, Harvard Graduate School of Design and New York Institute of Technology.  

He studied architecture at the University of Illinois, Champaign-Urbana, is a licensed architect in Massachusetts & Rhode Island, and holds a NCARB Certificate. He participated in historic structures conservation & building preservation programs at the Institute for Advanced Architectural Studies, University of York, GB, and Harvard Graduate School of Design. 

McQueen practiced architecture in Boston, MA, for nearly two decades working on numerous projects in the Waterfront Redevelopment Area, most notably, through all phases of the Faneuil Hall Markets Restoration & Redevelopment with the distinguished firms of F. A. Stahl & Associates and Benjamin Thompson & Associates. In private practice with Ralph Mastroianni he focused on the restoration / redevelopment of several civic buildings in Milford, Northampton and Auburn, Massachusetts. They received a merit award from the Massachusetts EOCD for a Housing Design Competition entry that led to a commission for Congregate Elderly & Family Housing in Natick, MA. Later, with Carla O. A Bosch, he designed several lighting concept centers in Boston, Providence, RI, & Halifax, NS. 

His passion and research for over 30 years has been modern architecture’s impact upon the Netherlands, which values a living, thriving, architectural culture responsive to its social discourse & advancement. Dutch architecture & urbanism of the 20th century provides a unique, critical grounding for the study of modern architecture’s ideas, development & buildings; it may also be seen as a laboratory for the examination of a contemporary society’s built environment & social advancement. Since 2000 he has been following the creation of Amsterdam’s newest island archipelago IJburg: making land, building community. 

McQueen believes that architecture is the art of making buildings & places that enrich the lives of those who dwell & participate therein. 

The long-time engagement with American Flyer toy trains and Jazz on all above cannot be underestimated.