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  • Art and Architectural History

 Roger Williams University offers a Bachelor of Arts and a Bachelor of Arts/Master of Arts 4+1 Degree Program and a Master of Arts in Art and Architectural History. The Master of Arts in Art and Architectural History can be completed in one or two  years, depending on the undergraduate degree of the entering students. The degree can be completed in one year by students holding an undergraduate degree in art history or historic preservation or in two years by those who have completed an undergraduate degree in another field. An Art and Architectural History minor is also offered for students in other programs.

The Art and Architectural History programs at RWU provide students with an understanding of both the visual arts and architecture in relation to society, culture and history. As an Art and Architectural History student, you will take a multidisciplinary approach to visual culture, drawing from the subject areas of anthropology, psychology, philosophy and cultural studies. The synergy between these disciplines promotes awareness of the interconnectedness of the arts and of the close connection of materials and process with meaning.

Art + Architectural History Mission Statement

The programs make use of the rich museum and gallery environment of the region for course work as well as for student internships. Art and Architectural History courses offered through the Roger Williams University Florence Study Abroad Program are an exciting and valuable option in completing the major. Students majoring in Art and Architectural History are also encouraged to take those courses relevant to the history of cultures offered in the Feinstein College of Arts and Sciences.

The Art and Architectural History bachelor's degree is complementary to others offered in the School. Compact major requirements also allow students to easily complete a double major in any number of liberal arts fields, or certification program in Elementary or Secondary Education.

The programs prepare students for graduate study in a variety of disciplines including Art and Architectural History, Museum Studies and Education, as well as for careers in teaching, museum work, art conservation and the commercial art world.