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Public Administration Academy

The Government and Public Administration Academy (the PA Academy) at Charles E. Shea High School in Pawtucket, RI, is a nationally recognized, specialized program which provides education relative to public administration, civic and public service since 2006. In collaboration with the MPA program at Roger Williams University and the Rhode Island Department of Education, the PA Academy strives to meet the public service career goals of Shea and Tolman High School students through internships, leading "get out the vote" drives, and participation in public administration and political science classes with undergraduate and graduate students at the university.

With Roger Williams University's assistance and active participation of staff and faculty members, the PA Academy continues to assist students in reaching their career goals and making the high school-to-college connection. The objective is to inspire students and help them gain practical career skills while providing rigorous and challenging academic classes in preparing for their future.

East Bay Energy Consortium

The East Bay Energy Consortium (EBEC) is a voluntary gathering of the cities and towns of the East Bay region of Rhode Island. Participating cities and towns, connected by geography and history, have an interest in reducing energy expenditures, reducing vulnerability to price increases for energy, and reducing reliance on energy producing methods which may be harmful to the environment.

Together, the cities and towns of the East Bay region wish to pursue a feasibility study which would address legal and technical issues, and would provide a snapshot of those sites in this geographic region which may hold promise for a regional wind energy system.

Roger Williams University is providing logistical support to the cities and towns of the East Bay Energy Consortium, convening and hosting meetings, offering staff and faculty expertise, and assisting with applications.

Public Administration Academy News and Events: PA Academy Mock Election/Voter Initiative

The Public Administration Academy (PA Academy) at Shea High School in Pawtucket, RI conducted a statewide mock election on October 19, 2010 using ballot issues selected by Rhode Island high school students. Volunteer RWU students participated as Poll Wardens at the voting locations around the state. The volunteer Poll Wardens were trained using state mandated training materials and state sanctioned trainers.

The PA Academy was affiliated with this project as part of the public administration and civics curriculum under a grant funded by the state of RI and the federal government to educate high school students about the voting process. Approximately 20 high schools participated. The PA Academy and its faculty designed the mock election to be as close to reality as possible.

If you are interested in learning more about this initiative, please contact Dr. Michael Hall, MPA Program Director, at (401) 254-5746 or by email at

Campus visit by PA Academy  -  November 17, 2009

The Government and Public Administration Academy at Shea and Tolman High Schools in Pawtucket, RI visited the RWU campus with 70 students to work with an undergraduate American Government and Politics class taught by Dr. Michael Hall. The college and high school students worked together in a collaborative multi-group discussion of important topics such as Civil Discourse, Public Service, Regionalism and Interlocal Collaboration.

These ongoing events allow the Academy students to preview college life and gain a sense of academic rigor. The Roger Williams University students are provided with the opportunity to give back to the community by serving as mentors.

October 3, 2009

"A Conversation with Ken Banks"

RWU co-hosted an event with Americans for Informed Democracy featuring Ken Banks, founder of, on its main campus in Bristol. Mr. Banks discussed his experience helping empower local, national and international non-profit organizations to make better use of information and communications technology in their work.

For example, the software Mr. Banks has developed allows greater application of mobile technology, this is especially important in remote areas of third world countries. Medical professionals in the field have used the technology to acquire patient records and perform basic medical diagnostics. This information is exchanged between remote sites and the base hospital, thus speeding interventions, increasing effectiveness and reducing costs. Application of the technology has not been limited to the non-profit sector. Social entrepreneurs have used the software to meet local needs and generate revenue.