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Autumn Quezada-Grant

Autumn Quezada-Grant, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of History
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GHH 213
Areas of Expertise: 
Latin American History, Indigenous History, Human Rights, Revolutions and Social Justice

Autumn Quezada-Grant is an Assistant Professor of History. She received her Ph.D. from the University of Mississippi in 2010, in Latin American History. Her dissertation on Indian litigates in nineteenth-century Chiapas, Mexico examined the legal culture and patterns of negotiation and contestation between Highland indigenous groups with local ladino elites. The study of litigation and attempts at redress in the past helps us understand the present engagement of present day Maya in politics and rebellion. Dr. Quezada-Grant has a broad research interest, which include modern Latin America, indigenous history, social justice, and public health history. Recently she has broadened her examinations of revolution into comparative resistance movements between Latin America and North Africa. She is currently working on a manuscript entitled Seasons of Discontent: Life, Labor and Litigation amongst Indians and Ladinos in Chiapas, Mexicos 1832-1890. She is also the co-editor and contributor for an edited volume in production titled Voices of the Unseen: Revolt and the Building of Radical Transnationalism.

Professor Quezada-Grant loves to teach and travel and has two up coming study abroad courses, one in the Dominican Republic and for the future, one in Cuba. In the past, she has taught a study abroad course in El Salvador. Here is a link to photos from El Salvador In addition, she is active with the RWU Chapter of FIMRC ( and travels with students to do volunteer service-learning over when school is not in session. 

For information on how Professor Autumn Quezada-Grant helps lead global service-learning opportunities. See

Professor Quezada-Grant enjoys collaborating with undergraduates on research projects. She has traveled with Visual Communications/Film Production major Nick Palermo to volunteer at two FIMRC sites one in Costa Rica and Nicaragua where we conducted interviews fora documentary on public health, social justice and community partnerships at FIMRC sites in Central America.

In addition, Professor Quezada-Grant traveled with History/Secondary Education Major Emily Masseo to Sousse, Tunisia to study Transitional Justice, Democracy and Revolution in 2012.

Articles about Professor Quezada-Grant and her work are found here:
And film collaboration with Nick Palermo

Dr. Quezada-Grant teaches:

  • Introduction to Latin America History
  • Revolutions in Latin America
  • Religion in Latin America
  • Race and Ethnicity in Latin America
  • Gender in Latin America
  • Human Rights in Latin America
  • History of Mexico and Central America
  • Slavery in the Americas
  • Native America History
  • Historical Research Methods (Dimensions)
  • United States History Survey Courses

Contact information:
Dr. Autumn Quezada-Grant
Department of History and American Studies
Office: GHH 213
Phone: 401-254-3024