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Master of Arts in Forensic Psychology

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A two-year, full-time program, the Master of Arts in Forensic Psychology is designed to prepare students for doctoral training in forensic or legal psychology. Students will be trained in clinical assessment and psychological testing, the diagnosis of psychopathology, treatment planning, individual and group interventions, research design, and statistical analysis and program evaluation. Research practicums or directed research are required as well as a comprehensive thesis.

Looking for the 60-credit Forensic Licensure track in the M.A. Clinical Psychology program?

Academic Program

The eleven-course core sequence provides students with the breadth and depth of knowledge and competencies needed to be an effective forensically/legally-informed master's level clinician and/or researcher.

The M.A. in Forensic Psychology seeks to:

  • Prepare graduate students for further academic training at the doctorate level in forensic and legal psychology
  • Provide students with training in research design and statistical analysis
  • Provide students with training in the areas of forensic assessment, intervention, and risk management
  • Provide students with research practicum experiences that will promote and develop the professional skills and competencies required in the specialty areas of forensic psychology
  • Provide students with the requisite skills to design and analyze quality research projects.

Requirements for the Master of Arts in Forensic Psychology Program

(All courses are three credits unless otherwise indicated)

A. Required courses: 33 credits

PSYCH   501     Research Design
PSYCH   502     Quantitative Methods I
PSYCH   503     Forensic Psychology
PSYCH   504     Psychology and Law
PSYCH   505     Introduction to Clinical Assessment
PSYCH   509     Methods of Psychotherapy I
PSYCH   532     Diversity in Multiculturalism
PSYCH   534     Advanced Developmental Psychology
PSYCH   550     Professional Ethics in Psychology

An additional assessment course: 3 credits (choose one of the following)

PSYCH   506     Assessment of Criminal Law  
PSYCH   512     Child Assessment  

A psychopathology course: 3 credits (choose one of the following)

PSYCH   520     Developmental Psychopathology
PSYCH   521     Adult Psychopathology

B. Research Practicum or Directed Research: 6 credits

PSYCH   595     Research Practicum
PSYCH   595     Research Practicum


PSYCH   596     Directed Research
PSYCH   596     Directed Research

D. Thesis: 6 credits

PSYCH   597     Thesis
PSYCH   597     Thesis

(Minimum of 45 credits)