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The Film Studies Minor

The Film Studies Minor explores cinema and its relationship to broader social, cultural and political issues. The mission of the program is to allow students to explore film as a unique art form and as a medium that influences, and is influenced by, the context in which it is produced. Using an interdisciplinary framework, students within the minor have the opportunity to investigate both the professional aspects of cinematic studies—its evolution and the techniques of the filmmaking process—as well as critical approaches to the field, such as the relationship between cinema and other cultural productions, the international dimensions of the medium, and the power of visual culture in contemporary life. Therefore, the minor introduces students to the major issues in cinema—history, aesthetics, theory, and production—as grounded in the larger cultural and international factors that inform film, other modes of communication, and indeed our everyday lives. The goal is to have students become informed viewers of visual culture, equipped with critical skills that will be useful, not only in media careers, but in other aspects of life as well.


FILM 101 Introduction to Film Studies  
FILM 400 Curation and Festival Production  
And any four (4) electives from the following, at least one of which is at 300-level or above, some of which have pre-requisites that must be met outside of the minor.

Production oriented courses:

VARTS 361 Digital Tools and Methods  
VARTS 362 Film, Animation and Video  
MUSIC 311-314 World Cultures Through Music  

Film Studies courses in the Humanities & Social Sciences:

AMST 318 Movies and Movie-going in America  
COMM 380 Visual Media in a Cultural Context  
ENG 351 Shakespeare on Film  
FILM 270 Documentary Film  
FILM 430 Advanced Topics in Film Studies  
GER 210 Actors, Authors and Audiences  
ITAL 210 Actors, Authors and Audiences  
PHIL 181 Philosophy of Film  
POLSC 309 Politics & Film  
WTNG 230 Rhetoric of Film: Writing about Film