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Minor in Environmental Science

Requirements for the Minor in Environmental Science

BIO 104 Biology II and Lab  
NATSC 103 Earth Systems Science and Lab  
NATSC 203 Humans, Environmental Change and Sustainability  

At least seven (7) credits from Environmental Science Upper Level Electives:
(total of 18 credits)

ANTH 222 Environmental Anthropology  
BIO 230 Microbiology and Lab  
BIO 240 Concepts of Ecology  
BIO 312 Conservation Biology  
BIO 332 Fisheries Science  
BIO 360 Limnology and Lab  
BIO 367 Urban Ecosystems  
CHEM 312 Instrumental Methods of Analysis  
CHEM 434 Advanced Environmental Chemistry  
CIS 350 Geographical Analysis of Data: An Introduction to GIS  
ENGR 320 Environmental Engineering  
ENGR 340 Sustainable Energy Systems  
ENGR 405 Air Pollution and Control  
ENGR 407 Solid and Hazardous Waste Management  
LS 200 Environmental Law  
NATSC 204 Principles of Oceanography  
NATSC 301 Marine Resource Management  
NATSC 305 Marine Geology  
NATSC 310 Biogeochemical Cycling  
NATSC 315 Meteorology and Climatology  
NATSC 333 Environmental Monitoring  
NATSC/BIO 375 Soil Ecology and Lab  
NATSC 401 Environmental Toxicology and Lab