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Requirements for the Minor in Aquaculture and Aquarium Science

AQS 260 Principles of Aquatic Animal Husbandry and Lab  
AQS 262 Aquarium System Design and Life Support and Lab  
Three (3) courses from the following list:
AQS 306 Principles of Exhibit Development (offered at RWU and NEAq)  
AQS 314 Field Collection Methods (offered by NEAq in the Bahamas)  
AQS 346 Hatchery Management and Lab  
AQS 352 Public Aquarium Management  
AQS 450 Aquaculture/Aquarium Science Research  
BIO 302 Ichthyology and Lab  
BIO 345 Aquaculture and Lab  

*A maximum of two (2) courses may be applied towards both the Aquaculture & Aquarium Science minor and to the major in Marine Biology.