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  •  Wet Lab

Located on the ground floor of the Marine and Natural Sciences Building is the Marine Biology Wetlab, a 3000 square foot research space housing many undergraduate and faculty research projects, as well as most of the RWU aquaculture projects. The wet lab features flowing sea water, pumped directly from Mt. Hope Bay, and offers many work-study opportunities to RWU students.

Current faculty and student projects include:

  • Marine ornamental aquaculture: investigating the feasibility of farming tropical marine species for the aquarium trade. The current focus is on clownfish, peppermint shrimp and seahorses, with several other species to be added soon.
  • The effects of temperature on reproduction and juvenile growth and survival of the lined seahorse.
  • The effects of green water culture on survival of larval peppermint shrimp
  • Optimal culture methods for: seahorses, mysid shrimp, calanoid copepods
  • Shellfish hatchery producing seeds of quahogs and oysters for local restoration projects. This project may branch out to include razor and surf clams, scallops, and mussels
  • The effectiveness of calcein as a marker for juvenile winter flounder for stock assessment purposes
  • Trophic ecology of jellies

For more information:

Brad Bourque
CEED Marine Lab Manager
MNS 108
Phone 254-3737