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Catherine Grimm

Catherine is a Marine Biology major with minors in Aquarium Science/Aquaculture and Theatre, graduating in May 2014. As a research student, she is working on 3-D microscope imaging of bivalve larvae. In the past, she has created e-coli plasmid standards for Dermo qPCR assays, assisted with research about the effects of probiotics on Eastern Oyster larvae, and worked on this website. One day, she hopes to work with penguins!

Whitney Jaillet

Whitney is a Marine Biology major, graduating in May 2014. Her current work as a research student involves comparing traditional and novel molecular diagnostic techniques for Dermo, developing a more sensitive and cost-effective method for measuring common Vibrio spp., and assisting with an ongoing experiment at URI about the effect of probiotics on survivability and growth of Eastern Oyster larvae. She has completed research on the extension of SSO to the Northeast US and effects on Eastern Oysters. After graduation, she plans on going to graduate school, focusing on diagnostics and pathology.

Alexandra Brown

Alexandra is a Biology (Pre-Vet) major and Math minor, graduating in May 2015. As a volunteer, she assists with many different aspects of the lab, including Vibrio sampling and testing for Dermo. She hopes to go to vet school and become a marine veterinarian in the future.

Ashley Powell

Ashley is a Marine Biology and Chemistry double major with a Math minor. She plans to gradate in May 2015. Her workstudy duties at the lab include oyster processing for dermo, bacterial water quality testing, and DNA extractions. Her future plans include going to vet school to become a marine veterinarian.