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The Feinstein College of Arts and Sciences (FCAS) serves as the unifying center of a Roger Williams University education, especially at the undergraduate level. Programs offered within the College span the University’s broad liberal arts tradition. Students pursue knowledge, master skills, become informed, discover how the traditional arts and sciences impact the world and achieve a well-rounded education whether their major is Biology or Psychology; Communications or Theatre; or any of the more than 20 major programs offered in FCAS.

All students, regardless of major, walk the halls of FCAS as they pursue their general education requirements, the basis of RWU’s transdisciplinary education. With the largest number of students, faculty and programs of study, the College is truly the cornerstone of RWU.

Small classes—none taught by teaching assistants, a commitment to student-centered learning, achievement and quality distinguish the College as well as its faculty, students and programs.