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The Honors Advisory Council (HAC) is the primary advisory body to the honors program director. The advisory council is comprised of elected faculty and honors students representatives. The council meets every month and serves as the primary mechanism for reviewing honors programming and petitions. In addition to the monthly meetings, HAC members serve on submcommittees ranging from admissions to curriculum to senior capstone. In addition to their advisory role, HAC members also serve as mentors for students throughout the program.

 2015-2016 HAC Membership

Haya Awwad, Student Rep (

Richard Bernardi, GSB (

Jeremy Campbell, FCAS SS (

Drew Canfield, Student Rep (

Meg Case, FCAS-HPA (

Anya Dussault, Student Rep (

Gail Fenske, SAAHP (

Associate Dean Jason Jacobs, Ex-officio, Associate Dean of Gen Ed. (

Robert Jacobson, FCAS-Math (

Barbara Kenney, Instructional Services Librarian (

Marcie Marston, FCAS-MNS (

Jeffrey Meriwether, Ex-officio, Assistant Director (

Breanne Messier, Student Rep (

Meaghan O'Rourke, Student Rep (

Allison Paiva, Student Rep (

Bill Palm, SEECM (

Kristi Perreault, Student Rep (

Dahliani Reynolds, FCAS-Writing (

Associate Provost Robert Shea, Ex-officio, Associate Provost (

Becky Spritz, Ex-officio, Director (

Jennifer Stevens, At-large (

Margaret Thombs, SED (

Laura Turner*, At-large (         

Sean Varano, SJS (

* On sabbatical for Fall '15; replaced by Annika Hagley