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 Writing Placement is determined by the Directed Self Placement protocol.

What are the writing course requirements at RWU?
The University core curriculum writing requirement is Expository Writing (WTNG.102) and a second class at the 200 or 300 level. 

Some students may be required to take an additional course, Introduction to Academic Writing (WTNG.100), before entering Expository Writing.

Typically, students complete their writing requirement during their first three semesters at RWU.

How is the writing placement determined?


First Writing Course

Remainder of Sequence

WTNG.100, Introduction to Academic Writing

WTNG.102, Expository Writing, and a 200 or 300 level writing

WTNG.102, Expository Writing

WTNG.200/300 level

For course descriptions, please consult the RWU online catalog.

*RWU is test optional for admission, with the exception of students applying to the Elementary or Secondary Education programs in accordance with guidelines from the Rhode Island Department of Education.