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History / Philosophy
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“Take a lot of interesting classes. People tend to stick to the classes they need for their majors, and miss out on all of the other great classes the University offers. My advisor actually picked a philosophy course for me because I needed an elective. I absolutely loved it—so much so that I decided to major in that too. Try to experience a little of everything.”

When Scott was looking at schools, he had a few criteria he was looking for—a smaller school that had rugby, ROTC and history as a major. RWU had all of them. “I decided not to go into the army and a concussion sidelined me from playing rugby, but I still have history!”

Scott says he applied Early Decision because he loved the campus so much. “I went to a small high school and I didn’t want to go somewhere like a UMass where I’d be one of 5,000 students my professor would see in a day.”

In addition to being a double major in history and philosophy, Scott pursued a minor in American Studies, was a Core tutor and a member of both the history and pre law honors societies. After taking a much needed summer vacation, Scott began attending law school last fall.