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Class Year: 
Home Town: 
Boston, Mass.

Growing up just outside Boston, Mass., Gary was looking for a school that was close (but not too close) and just big enough to not get lost (but not to know everyone on campus). “I wanted to make a name for myself, and I wanted my professors and my classmates to be able to put my name with my face. I didn’t want to be a number.”

Gary took an internship right on campus in University Communications, where he shot and edited video, worked on marketing plans and spearheaded a campaign for student-submitted video footage. In other words, he worked! “I’m so happy I took the internship on campus. I learned how different departments work as one and how one decision affects the organization as a whole.”

Gary was also a member of a team that presented at the regional American Advertising Federation’s Student Advertising Competition. Sponsored by State Farm Insurance, the team designed a marketing and advertising campaign for the company and placed fourth in the regional competition.

“Don’t be afraid to reach out to people. College is a big adjustment, but you can’t be afraid to meet new people or express your opinion.”