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Danielle (Dani)

Class Year: 

Originally, Dani chose RWU because the University gave her the best financial aid package. She wasted no time getting involved on campus when she arrived. She became a math tutor, a member of the tutoring training team, the tutor advisory board and recently became the founding member of the mathematics honor society on campus—while it’s a national society, Dani founded the first ever chapter in R.I.

“Tutoring is honestly the greatest thing in the world. Not only did it keep me on top of everything that I had to do, but I met so many people through it. You become their best friend—they come to you for help with everything. They became my kids. They meant a lot to me. I would see them around campus four years later and we'd still stop to talk.”

Dani’s advice? She has a few tips:

“Be organized! Color coordination and calendars have saved my life more than once!”

“Don’t be afraid to ask for help. I went to my professors and sat in their offices for hours trying to work through things. They’ll even come in on Saturdays to help you if you need it.”

“Professors have realistic expectations. They won’t push you in the wrong direction, instead, they push you to be better. I am where I am because of my professors and my advisor.”

So, where is Dani now? She accepted her full scholarship to NYU where she is pursuing her Ph.D. in mathematics.