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Welcome Back, Little Roger!

Originally conceptualized for the University’s 50th anniversary celebration, “Little Roger” is an ambassador for RWU who has traveled the world and been photographed with some pretty famous people, including the Farrelly Brothers and former First Lady Laura Bush.

Little Roger will make his way across campus and beyond as a tribute to the rebellious founder of Rhode Island and our namesake. Display Little Roger on your desk, in your dorm or in the classroom as a symbol of our pride to be named for a visionary like Roger Williams.

So, how do you get one? Attend an event, participate in class discussions, get involved in community service – Little Roger could be anywhere! It’s up to you to pay attention.

Once you have a Little Roger, we want to see him in action. Take a photo or shoot a video of Little Roger – wherever you are in the world – and share it on Twitter (@myrwu) or Facebook with the hashtag #RogerThat, or email