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The Roger Williams University mission encompasses a set of core values which are intended to create a respectful, diverse and intellectually vibrant community.

In choosing to be a member of our community our expectation is that you act and make choices that help facilitate and enhance this mission. The university’s alcohol policy supports this vision of creating a community of educated and responsible individuals. Because your choices impact your life as well as the lives of others we expect you to act in a manner that reflects an intrinsic desire to reach your full potential and that you strive to be a productive citizen within and beyond the campus community.

The Roger Williams University Alcohol and Other Drug Policy has the following principles/goals that support our comprehensive strategy in dealing with substance use and abuse.

  1. Our alcohol and other drug philosophy and approach is a holistic one that is based on the principle that everyone deserves to be treated with dignity and respect.
  2. Any student, whether they are of legal drinking age or not, who drinks alcohol realizes that this is a personal choice and accepts the responsibility of that choice as well as respects the rights of others who choose not to drink.
  3. Students are responsible for the choices they make and are held accountable for the consequences. Individual behavior within a community should not infringe on the health and well being of others. The Student Conduct Process is designed with student rights in mind and to promote learning and growth for all community members.
  4. The Roger Williams University community strives to offer a vibrant campus life with a variety of student involvement opportunities, and alternatives to alcohol use. We expect our students to take leadership in the development of this stimulating environment.
  5. We provide education for both individuals and the campus community on alcohol and other drug issues, so that each individual can make safe and healthy choices with accurate information. This involves awareness and understanding of the RWU policies and procedures related to alcohol and other drug use and enforcement.
  6. All members of the Roger Williams University community represent the University even when they are off campus.
  7. We support all students in their growth and development, and students who seek assistance in dealing with their substance use and abuse are assured confidentiality and respect.
  8. All of our policies and regulations regarding alcohol and other drugs are in compliance with Rhode Island State Law and federal laws.
  9. Through an ongoing Alcohol and Drug Task Force that includes student representation we continually assess our efforts in education and prevention and stay current with research in the field of alcohol and drug related issues.