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Roger Williams University strives to maintain safe and healthy living conditions for the community at large, while protecting the rights of individuals.

Each member of the community is expected to honor the educational purpose of the University and assume personal responsibility for his/her actions while learning to live, work and play with others. Alcohol and other drug-related behavior that is abusive, disruptive, offensive or illegal is unacceptable.

University Regulations

The University has established regulations for the use of alcohol by students of legal drinking age and guidelines for the serving of alcohol at University-sponsored student social events both on- and off-campus. Students engaged in illegal alcohol and drug use or abusive legal use may be held accountable under Roger Williams University conduct codes.

The State of Rhode Island also has strict penalties for the illegal possession, use, sale and distribution of alcohol and other drugs. Conduct codes, guidelines and state laws can be found in the Student Handbook.

Roger Williams University believes that a person's abuse of alcohol and other drugs can lead to chemical dependency and recovery is possible only when the illness is identified and treated appropriately. The University recognizes that others are affected by the abuse. Based on these beliefs, the University provides education and needed assistance in a positive, supportive manner.

Health Education

The Roger Williams University Health Education Office, located in the Center for Student Development, is responsible for alcohol and other drug abuse education and referral. This office is staffed by a full- time Health Educator and trained student Health Advocates.

The Health Education Office serves as a resource library for student use. Books, videos, pamphlets and other educational materials are available for checkout. The Health Advocate Program consists of students designing alcohol and other drug abuse prevention efforts on campus.

Workshops in this area are frequently conducted and can be designed to meet the needs of all members of the Roger Williams University community.