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The Roger Williams University community is committed to preserving the dignity and safety of its members. Any form of unwanted sexual activity will not be tolerated. A student charged with unwanted sexual activity can be prosecuted under Rhode Island criminal law and disciplined under the University's conduct code. Criminal prosecution and University disciplinary action operate independently of one another.

Unwanted sexual activity simply means any sexual activity to which any party involved does not give full and free consent. A verbal "NO," no matter how insecure or indecisive, constitutes a lack of consent. Date rape is unwanted sexual activity and is defined as follows: forced, manipulated or coerced intercourse by a friend or acquaintance.

There are many people and places, on and off campus, available to assist any person who is a sexual assault victim. A detailed listing of where to go for assistance is available in the Student Handbook. Also, by visiting the RWU Website at and clicking "Campus Life and Information" then click on "Counseling Center," the Sexual Assault Website can be accessed.

Counseling Resources

This site provides a complete guide to men and women regarding sexual assault. Further, various on and off-campus options and resources are provided with respect to legal, health, and emotional concerns. Additionally, prior to and during the academic year, the University conducts training on this subject for Residence Assistants, Health Advocates, and other student leaders to help them appropriately respond.

There is also a weeklong "Sexual Assault Awareness Week" during each semester. The Department of Public Safety, as well as the professional staff of the Division of Student Affairs, as well as the Counseling Center, are available on a 24-hour basis and are versed in all aspects of responding to sexual assaults.

The University has a Sexual Assault Task Force which meets to review information, incidents and training. This task force includes representatives from the student body, the Counseling Center, Student Development, the Athletics Department, Health Education, the Women's Center, Health Services, the Dean of Student Affairs, the Department of Student Life, Public Safety, and other organizations. There is also representation on a state-wide Sexual Assault Task Force exclusively dealing with Rhode Island colleges and universities.

Following an alleged sexual assault, if so requested by the victim and if such changes are reasonably available, assistance in changing academic and living situations will be coordinated by organizations managed by the Dean of Student Affairs.

The University judicial process as delineated in the Student Handbook will determine sanctions related to students accused of sexual assault. The employee supervisor or the Vice President for Human Resources will determine sanctions against employees accused of sexual assault, through the Employee Disciplinary process delineated in the University Personnel Policy and Procedures Manual.