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Roger Williams University Information Technology will enable student learning, faculty productivity, administrative support and efficiency by creating and supporting a first-class, high quality, secure technical environment for learning, creative endeavors, and research. In addition, we will foster collaboration among RWU’s global and diverse community of students, faculty, and staff. This is to be accomplished in a transparent, seamless environment promoting and supporting continuous innovation.

Services provided by the Information Technology Department include installation and support of:

  • Computer Support for Faculty, Staff and Students
  • Applications- with Colleague as our Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) tool
  • Labs
  • Training
  • Networks- wireless, Internet, Intranet and network security
  • Software
  • Telecommunications- telephones, cell phones, conference calling, Cable television services
  • Computer Room and Disaster Recovery operations- servers and server security
  • media•tech support via telephone, email and knowledgebase access

Computer Support

RWU supplied faculty and staff technology is supported by the Information Technology Department. Please contact us at X6363 with questions.

Roger Williams University invites students to participate in the RWU Student Laptop Program. Roger Williams University created this Student Laptop Program to provide a standardized computing environment to its students that includes full business-class hardware and software support at very reasonable academic discount pricing. The computers offered meet or exceed Roger Williams University’s minimum requirements. Click on the Apple or GovConnection links on the main IT page to view your options.

The RWU Student Support Center is located on the first floor of the Main Library. 


Colleague Support

To access limited Datatel information from off campus use your myRWU/Campus Portal login. Once logged into myRWU/Campus Portal, use the services tab to navigate to the desired Student, Faculty, or Employee information.



Roger Williams University provides computer classrooms/labs in over 20 locations campus wide. Use of the labs is free (excluding printing) for anyone with a valid Roger Williams University ID. RWU software offerings include Microsoft Office products as well as course-specific offerings. These packages are available on both Macintosh and PC platforms. Hours of operation vary depending on class schedules. Please see posted hours at the lab door.

Lab Software

The following standard suite of software is installed in our labs:


Adobe creative cloud
Aleks plugin
Alice (3 or latest non-beta version)
Autocad 2015
Chemdraw 13 (or latest version)
Citrix Receiver  
DVD Player (codec)
Dr. Java
ebrary Reader
Filezilla Client
Flash Player 
Google Earth
IE 11
Java 2 SDK 1.6
Java Media framework
Maple 18
MS Silverlight
MS Office 2013
  SharePoint Designer
MS Photo Story 3
*MS Windows Live Movie Maker
Norton Antivirus
OEM CD/DVD Burning software
Panopto (Editor and **Recorder)
QuickTime Player
Set Google to Default Search Provider
Shockwave Player
Sketch Pad
Spartan '14
TextPad 5
TurningTechnologies (TurningPoint Clickers)
WMP Plugin
Keyserver Client



Access via  at the user page, pull down to RWU.EDU or ACADEMICS.RWU (depending on your position at RWU), and then log in. Use your RWU log in. Access is free of charge.



Roger Williams University connects to the internet as members of a consortium of non-profit organizations called OSHEAN. The Ocean State Higher Education Economic Development and Administrative Network members include all higher education institutions in Rhode Island, five institutions of higher education in Massachusetts, seven health care organizations, and K – 12 schools and public libraries throughout Rhode Island. Some benefits of this membership are Internet and Internet2 bandwidth as well as a sharing of technical expertise with member institutions.

Residential Network (ResNet) users at Roger Williams must authenticate to gain access to the network. This verification and authentication process is through a Network Access Control system, thereby helping ensure a stable and secure network in the residence halls. PCs are verified for OS Patch Level, Anti-Virus, Anti-Spyware, and Anti-Adware applications. This benefits all students, protecting their machines with the latest updates.

The academic network consists of several segregated virtual local area networks (VLANs). These VLANs have been created to segregate the traffic for security and stability, and currently spread across the entire campus. Other networks on campus include a research network used by faculty for advanced research applications.

Roger Williams has robust storage and server solutions in a state of the art data center. The University also supports VoIP, and has deployed wireless in all areas of the university used for research, academics, and study.

Printing from personal devices in the library:

There are 3 ways to print from personal devices in the Library.

Once you submit a print job using one of the options below, jobs will be held for 2 hours and can be released in the main Library, Center for Academic Development, or the Intercultural Center:

Upload a document (only for black and white printers)

  1. Connect to Students1 wireless or plug into the network
  2. Open up the website http://hawkprint.academics.rwu/
  3. Press ‘Continue’ if prompted about a certificate error
  4. When prompted, enter your username without the ‘@academics.rwu’ and password (the same password used to release print jobs)
  5. Select ‘web print’ to submit a web address or upload a document

Print directly from a laptop or netbook (initial configuration)

  1. Connect to the Students1 wireless network or plug into the network
  2. Open up the website http://hawkprint.academics.rwu/
  3. Press ‘Continue’ if prompted about a certificate error
  4. When prompted, enter your username without the ‘@academics.rwu’ and password (the same password used to release print jobs)
  5. Click on ‘Driver Print’ to continue the initial configuration; once configured, you will not need to return to the website in order to print.

Note: In order to print to the color printer you will need to select Advanced (3) or Simple Direct (2) and choose the color web holding queue (Main Library). You can also select the web holding queue to print to the black and white printers using Simple, Simple Direct, or Advanced.

You will need to be connected to the Students1 network or plugged in when printing.

Print from email (only for black and white printers)

  1. Send an email with the documents attached that you would like to print, to the following address: Documents must be in the following format: Microsoft Office, PDF, JPG, GIF, PNG, or TIF
  2. You may receive a return email asking you to register your email address, please follow the instructions in that email. Please ensure you are connected to the Students1 network when registering your email address with the system.


Software for Faculty and Staff

Faculty, Staff, and Administration can download software for a minimal fee by going to the e-academy website located here.

In order for you to purchase software, you’ll need a valid VISA or Mastercard. The system is secure, and your information is kept strictly private.



Please contact the Media Tech Service Desk for assistance with any of the above technologies.