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Exempt Employees

Non-Exempt Employees


Managers Training Guide (coming soon)


  1. If an hourly employee needs to leave immediately for an emergency, does he/she still need to make a system request for the time off?

    a. No, however, the employee should be sure to swipe out upon leaving.

  2. What is the process for an unexpected absence?

    a. Employee: notify manager on the first day of absence from work.

    b. Manager: go into the system and make the necessary changes reflecting the appropriate absence (e.g. Sick, Bereavement). If there is no sick time available, please contact the Department of Human Resources.

  3. Is there a link in the e-mail request received by the manager that goes directly to Kronos?

    a. No, upon receiving the request, the manager should then go to and log into the system to view the request and take the appropriate action.

  4. Can the manager give their log-in to their delegate?

    a. No, the manager should identify their delegate to payroll who will then establish the appropriate permissions for the delegate.

  5. What is the policy on delegates?  Can they view payroll information?

    a. No, delegates will not be allowed to view payroll information

  6. Will the manager’s delegate receive the time-off requests (via email) if the manager is out of the office?

    a. No, the system will only allow for one e-mail recipient, therefore, the manager should instruct the department to alert the designee when making their time-off requests.

  7. If a request is denied in error, can the manager go back into the system and approve the request?

    a. Yes, the manager can re-enter the system and make the necessary corrections PROVIDED the pay period in question has not been approved and signed off.  In that case the manager would need to notify payroll.


  • Please call extension: 4450