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  • CPC - Washington Square Roots Community Charrette

The Roger William University Community Partnerships Center (CPC) is proud to be assisting Washington Square Roots in its community planning process to prioritize goals, make recommendations, plan uses and design improvements to Washington Square and the areas immediately adjacent to Newport's historic town center.

A large public planning charette was held place on Friday October 19th and Saturday October 20th. For more information, see Washington Square Roots' Facebook page for the Charrette 

As part of its involvement, RWU is acting as the electronic library for important reports and images that can inform the participants in the community planning process. Please use any of the following reports and publications from previous planning efforts and important initiatives around the Square:

Washington Square Community Charette Final Report

1995 - Washington Square Rehabilitation Study

2004 - Urban Design for Central Newport - CHARRETTE REPORT

EISENHOWER PARK - Vision for Restoration - WSAC 2012

OPERA HOUSE NEWPORT - Written History 2012

Encouraging and Welcoming Bikes in Washington Square

City of Newport Broadway Streetscape Plan