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  • CPC :: Student Graduate Assistants

Each academic year the CPC employs 8-10 Graduate Assistants from RWU's programs in Architecture and Historic Preservation. These students are chosen through an application/selection process and workwith the CPC as part of their graduate assistantship financial award. CPC Graduate Assistants act as project leaders and coordinators for the CPC's work with the community, coordinating the work of RWU courses, students and volunteer organizations.

Job Description: The CPC Graduate Assistant will focus on one or two projects during the year and will assist the Director of the CPC with the following tasks for those projects:

  • Project-specific precedent research
  • Programming research and analysis
  • Existing conditions documentation (in-field)
  • Converting field documentation into high-quality floor plans, sections and exterior elevations
  • Collaborative design with CPC staff and partners organizations
  • Creation of concept plans
  • Printing of draft and final plans, sections, elevations and details within SAAHP building (paid for by CPC)
  • Creation of rendered graphics and models as required by the project
  • Meeting with the project partner throughout the design process
  • Support for overall CPC operations
  • Assistance with coordination of CPC events

To be selected, applicants must:

  • be Graduate-level candidates for the Masters of Architecture or Masters of Historic Preservation degree at RWU,
  • have been offered a paid Graduate Assistantship by the RWU School of Art, Architecture and Historic Preservation,
  • have experience in architectural design, programming and construction materials and assemblies or historic preservation. (Experience in field documenting existing buildings is preferred.),
  • have experience in drafting complex site plans, building plans, elevations, sections and details, and
  • be proficient in AutoCAD, Sketch-Up and other design software as necessary

Application Process:

  1. Complete CPC Graduate Assistant application form and attach resume.
  2. Submit application form/resume to CPC Director.
  3. CPC Director and SAAHP leaders will select interview candidates.
  4. If selected for interview, prepare portfolio and two letters of reference.
  5. CPC Graduate Assistant positions will be awarded based on applicant’s qualifications relative to the selection criteria, number of available positions, and suitability for the specific types of projects that are planned for the CPC during the coming academic year.