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What Will You Do This Summer?

February 26th, 2014 by Anonymous

By: Cynthia '14  Cynthia Kovacs


Although there are still three months to go until the end of the semester, it is extremely important to start determining what your plans are going to be for the summer. After finals are done, many students are in desperate need of a period of relaxation where they can regain their momentum to pursue other obligations. While it is important to rest after having put in your best effort to complete final exams and papers, it is also a great time to start working in a job that reflects your interests so you can make the most of your time!

It’s smart to start thinking early about a summer job.  Looking into job opportunities in the beginning of the semester increases your chances of landing your dream job because that is when employers began to consider applicants they want to hire! If you have already determined the major you are pursuing at Roger Williams University, this job search is essential in helping you figure out a career path that you enjoy doing. Working in your field of study will help you better choose what exactly you want to do in the future. If you haven’t figured out your major yet, this is also a vital time where you can start exploring your interests! If you had a hobby in the past, you can explore options where you can get paid for doing something that you truly have fun doing.  The Career Center can assist you in finding summer employment and/or internships that will help to build your resume.

Aside from having a job during the summer months, it is always good to keep your brain working. Since three months off from school is a long period of time, it is crucial to keep your mind active by engaging in activities such as reading or doing crossword puzzles. During the summer, you are able to engage in educational activities that YOU enjoy doing.  Read that novel you had to keep putting off - or teach yourself how to knit, or play golf - or meditate. Reading over your course materials from the past year is also a great way to keep your brain working and allows you to stay engaged in your studies – and of course, reviewing your textbooks for the fall is a great way to hit the ground running in the fall.  

If you are having trouble thinking of ideas for what you want to do in the summer, start thinking out of the box! Trying new activities is the best use of your time off. If you have always wanted to go skydiving or backpacking, now is the time to do so. Trying new activities can be even more enjoyable if you do it with your family and friends. Since many students are constantly busy during the school semesters, it is often hard to keep in touch with your loved ones. During the summer, you can now make up for the lost time. By engaging in all of these activities during the summer, you can make the most out of your time and have a summer that you will truly never forget!