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November 13th, 2012 by cmiceli763

My name is Kathleen Kiely and I am currently at senior at RWU. I am a journalism major and have been working at the Career Center since my freshman year; this is my first year in the Career Assistant position. I studied abroad during the fall 2011 semester in Australia. Besides working at the Career Center and attending classes, I also find time to be the Promotions Director for 88.3 WQRI, the campus radio station, and I am also a staff reporter for the Hawks Herald. I attempt to have somewhat of a social life in my spare time, but it doesn’t always work out.


November 3rd, 2012 by cmiceli763

Many of you have questions about the two most important documents you’ll have to create- resume and cover letter. Fear not. Though they hold your future in their words, resumes and cover letters really are a piece o’ cake. Here are a few tips. This is an extremely broad overview, more in depth assistance can be sought at the Career Center! These suggestions are key to perfecting your resume and landing the interview of your dreams. 

  • Create a professional document – if you misspell, forget a comma, or add a few extra letters by accident, your resume is going to look pretty sloppy. Look over your resume several times before having others review it, then send in a perfectly tailored resume on high quality paper.
  • Format, format, format – what ever you do, please do not use a template. Quite frankly, it's tacky. A resume is your own. Not Microsoft Word's. There is a very simple formula to writing resumes: 

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How to find an internship

November 2nd, 2012 by cmiceli763

You wouldn’t believe how many people come into the Career Center asking how to get an internship. Here’s a brief synopsis of what your career advisor is going to tell you.

Step 1 – Look on Hawk’s Hunt.

Our database is full of internships, co-ops, full-time, and part-time positions from all sorts of employers. Check it out by going here: Hawk's Hunt Login . If you haven’t changed it, your username is your email before the @ (tsmith291) and your password is your ID number (0765313). Do a quick search of job postings and see if anything interests you. The application process will be posted there.

Step 2 – Look on

Or any other site that posts jobs, for that matter. There are tons and tons of listings on these sites. Generally the application process will be listed there like in Hawk’s Hunt, if not: locate an email address and shoot someone a quick (yet professional) message expressing your interest in the position and how you can go about applying.

Step 3 – Google!