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November 3rd, 2012 by cmiceli763

Many of you have questions about the two most important documents you’ll have to create- resume and cover letter. Fear not. Though they hold your future in their words, resumes and cover letters really are a piece o’ cake. Here are a few tips. This is an extremely broad overview, more in depth assistance can be sought at the Career Center! These suggestions are key to perfecting your resume and landing the interview of your dreams. 

  • Create a professional document – if you misspell, forget a comma, or add a few extra letters by accident, your resume is going to look pretty sloppy. Look over your resume several times before having others review it, then send in a perfectly tailored resume on high quality paper.
  • Format, format, format – what ever you do, please do not use a template. Quite frankly, it's tacky. A resume is your own. Not Microsoft Word's. There is a very simple formula to writing resumes: 

Header (contact info)


Relevant Work Experience

Work Experience


Pretty easy right? Now all you have to do is embed these headings with your info!

  • Don’t lie – if you don’t have a 4.6 GPA, volunteer at the animal shelter, or already work 2 jobs conveniently in the field you’re applying to, then don’t say so. Not only can employers can investigate your claims, they might expect much more from you. Boost your abilities- if you do something awesome then show that it’s awesome, but do not over-stretch the truth.
  • Focus – Hone in on recent activity, and highlight these achievements and skills. You want to go on for paragraphs about one great day at work? Tweet about it. Don’t put it in your resume, unless it really coincides with the job you’re looking for.
  • Showcase – What’s the first thing you want an employer to know about you? The good stuff. Right now since you’re in college, your education will go first because that’s what is most important to an employer. And please, please, please, omit your highschool info. If you're a freshman, it might be okay to include, but not likely. Ask your Career Advisor if you want to include it. Next will be the work that you’ve done that relates to the job. If you’re applying to work or intern at a marketing firm and you have past experience in marketing, this should come before your babysitting job- even if it isn’t as recent. Then comes the rest.

See, it’s not that hard! Start working on your resume then come in to the Career Center on campus and have us check it out. We’ll have that baby perfect in no time! Call for an appointment or come in for walk-ins Tuesdays and Thursdays from 1-4.